Saturday, June 9, 2012

Show and Share Saturday Printables

What is it about the end of the school year that makes you automatically think about the beginning of the next school year?  Curse my teacher thoughts!  Anywho . . . today I thought that I might share a few adorable printables.  They are perfect for recording school and afterschool thoughts but many would work for any situation!

1.  The first comes from Silverbox Creative Studio to record your child's thoughts after a big day!
2.  The second is a set of really cute tags from Craft Gossip.
3.  And I just love this memory card from Tip Junkie.
4.  How about these adorable printable journaling cards from Creativity Prompts?  I love the graph paper background!!
5.  And finally - check out this cute Memory Printable to record all school memories for each grade from Confessions of a Homeschool Blogger.

And now hopefully, I will take a bit of time this summer to relax before thinking about school again!  Don't hold your breath!  Happy Saturday!

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