Saturday, April 7, 2012

Show and Tell Saturday

Today I wanted to share with you my top 5 favorite tutorials.  I love new techniques but as we all know, some we definitely use more than others.  Here are my favorites:

1.  I am addicted to Bakers Twine of all colors.  So when I saw this tutorial for making twine pom-poms, I couldn't resist!

2.  I absolutely love this stamp your own doily tutorial from Paper, Scissors and Superheroes.

3. I love anything fruity or nutty smelling and so when I found this tutorial for fruity embossing, I was all over it!

4.  Okay so I know that I have posted this make your own washi tape tutorial from Aesthetic Nest before but I couldn't leave it out - especially with washi tape being all the rage right now.

5.   Finally one of the easiest and cheapest tutorials from Mrs. Priss, I love to make these felt pom-pom flowers like the expensive ones from Basic Grey and other companies.  They really are quite cool!

Thanks again for spending some time with me!

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