Saturday, May 11, 2013

Summer Scrappy Goals - Show and Tell Saturday

One of the things that I love about teaching is the summer.  No, I don't get the summer off with classes, planning, redoing curriculum, learning new techniques, etc, but I do get some time to work on projects that I can't get done in the regular school year.  Most of the time my evenings are spent cooking, cleaning, grading papers, making seating arrangements, or falling asleep on the couch!  So I thought that I would share a few scrappy/altered ideas that I want to do this summer!

1.  I love anything that displays photos so when I saw this wreath from Try It Do It, I knew I must try it.  I have tons of old photos that have been passed along to me and my plan is to make copies and display.  My family would love to see my Great Grandmother, her great grandparents, etc!

2.  I want to make this perpetual journal from Meredith Winston for next year - and maybe even do one to finish this year.  I then can record awesome memories all year long - and as my kids have my sense of humor, it is always interesting to hear the stuff that comes out of their mouth!
3.  I must decorate my hallway going up the stairs like they did here.  I painted last year and hope to decorate this year.  I love the extra embellishments here and would love to add some vinyl quotes as well!

4.  And who could resist this display by  These would be so cute on the mantel up the stairs!
5.  And finally, I am absolutely in LOVE <3 a="" album="" camera="" from="" href="" mini="" shaped="" target="_blank" this="" with="">Bo Bunny

So those are my summer goals for this year.  I would add more but this is also my home improvement time and I have tons to do!  Hope you can take some inspiration from this post and use it in your home!  I will post my progress as the summer begins - OFFICIALLY JUNE 10th at 2:30 pm but who's counting????  :)

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