Sunday, May 5, 2013

Re-using Sketches????

There are so many amazing sketches out there to inspire and challenge us on a daily basis but I began thinking . . . (yep dangerous) . . . and sometimes I come across a sketch that I want to use more than once.  My worry is that my pages may start to look the same so I try to mix it up a bit and use older picts on one and newer on the re-used sketch layout so they won't be so close together in my albums.

That definitely works but this time around I wanted to use the same sketch in the same album (livin' on the edge!)  So I thought that I might try to angle the sketch so it won't be so obvious!

I re-used this sketch from Sketches with a Twist - and changed up the angle and embellishments.

 Here is the first layout:

and the second angled layout!

So that's it!  Re-using favorite sketches with a slight twist!  Try it out!

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