Saturday, August 11, 2012

Show and Tell Saturday - Sweetly Scrapped

Today I wanted to share with you an amazing site - Sweetly Scrapped - for freebie printables and here are more.  They offer many freebies and many others that you can purchase!  Exploring this site could take your quite some time but I thought that I might share some of my favorites!

1.  Who can resist this camera?
  2.  I love these banners and tickets!
3.  Check out these cute washi tape strips!
4.  I actually won these in a giveaway at Sweetly Scrapped and they are adorable!!!
5.  And these colorful watches!
6.  And the teacher in me couldn't resist these pencil toppers.  I hate those "cute little pencils that never sharpen as prizes but these little toppers would be cute on any regular pencil!
If you haven't checked out this site, please do!  It is amazing!!!


  1. How nice! Thanks so much for featuring me!! I hope everyone enjoys the freebies and more as much as you :) Hope you are having a great weekend!!

  2. Absolutely Emily! I love your items and just sent in my first true order! They are always so neat and perfect. Can't wait to get them!