Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Top 10 Favorite Etsy Scrapbooking Supply Stores

This year, I have found a ton of really cool, handmade and storebought embellishments on ETSY and thought that I would share some with you!

10.  Crafty Theresa D - Tons of unique supplies are just waiting for you! 

9.  Funtoolas - If you are into beautiful kits, this is the site for you!

8.  Retro Nana - I love her adorable fabric buttons!

7.  Vintage Scrap Shop - Her lovely, vintage supplies will add to any card or scrapbook page.

6.  My Divine Inspiration - I love her little handmade floral kits!

5.  Avante-Card - Even though I am not a card maker, I love all of her unique tags and home decor items!

4.  Hailey's Bobbins - I love her beautiful inspiration kits.

3.  Ephemeratta - There is a little bit of everything for everyone here!

2.  Henrytj's Boutique - I love their beautiful flowers!!! 

1.  Reneabouquet's - I can't resist her beautiful handmade butterflies!

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