Thursday, December 29, 2011

My New Monthly Memory Challenge

Hello all!  With the very unexpected death recently of my beautiful mother, I have realized many things.  First off, scrapbooking should be relaxing and fun because it is the details in life that are important.  I also realized that unfortunately many of these details have been forgotten.  So I was inspired by a recent layout in a Scrapbooks Etc.  "Moments I love in February,"  to capture those details and share them with my kids for the future.

I really don't have time (or the desire) to journal nightly, however first off, I could easily snap a photo of a memory several times a month and also write down some of those details on a sheet of paper to make a double page, 12 x 12 layout for each month.  One page will hold the photos.  The other, the memories.  They may include a funny quote, a special moment, an unexpected treat, a sweet snapshot of the kids or a relative, etc.  The second part of this challenge is to have at least one photo of me on each layout as I was disappointed that I didn't have more of my mother.  The third part of this challenge will be that all memories will be recorded in my own handwriting to share in the future.

So first off, I downloaded a 1/2 sheet birthday calendar to document some memories.  I likely won't have one each day but I should be able to jot down the memories and keep it in my purse to add to it whenever needed.  Then when January rolls around, snap, snap, snap.  Check back often to see the results.

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