Monday, January 6, 2014

Moody Monday 1/6/13

Who isn't moody on a Monday morning??  Well I recently fell in love with mood boards (little collections of inspiration) to spice up my layouts.  My layouts seem to be a bit blah lately and I felt that I needed to include more textures, layers, and frankly some spice.  So I decided that every other Monday - twice a month - I would share with you a special mood board and inspired layout.  This week's inspiration comes from two places.

1.  I loved the colors and textures in this mood board from
2.  The second piece of inspiration revolves around the CUC DT Board.  Our challenge this month is to use our stash and scraplift another.  So I chose to scraplife Annie C.'s beautiful Be Brave layout.  I rotated the design to fit my layout.

And finally, here is Queen Coco.  All hail the queen!!!  She truly is the queen of our house.  She sits on a furry pillow, gets carried everywhere she goes, rules the cat (and her food might I say), and honestly has a fluffier bed than I do!!!  :)  So again All Hail COCO!!!

I was inspired to use the sheer ribbon similar to the invitations, the flower inspired my fluffy flowers, of course there was color inspiration, and I loved the addition of the "book print" in the fan so I included that in the patterned paper and flower.  I couldn't resist a little bling like the earrings in the center of the flowers and gems on the crown.  Hope you enjoyed my little mood board inspiration.  Check back soon!

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